Router And VPN: A Basic Guide

In order to ensure safety online, it is important you make sure that the router and VPN connections are of high security. Let us first give a brief definition of what a router is and what VPN is so that you fully understand the reason why your security online is important and how it can […]

How to Stay Anonymous online

Many are the times when we hear of people who have lost their privacy online. Either these people will have their credit card details stolen or even their photos and other personal details could be leaked online. There are hacked websites that belong to government and individuals. There are people who have been caught cheating […]

Everything You Need To Know About Firewalls And VPN Devices

VPN definition VPN stands for virtual private network. It is an isolated way of accessing the internet privately and securely. Data security breaches are common nowadays. Corporate and individual clients are becoming aware of such breaches and taking precautions to prevent it. VPN’s were developed in such a way that data that passes through the […]

Age Of Technology: What Must We Hide?

Technology threatens the privacy and security of content online. As such, there is need to hide such content online through proper and lawful measures. It is important to know what exactly should be hidden to avoid a breach of privacy and security. Below are some of the ways your privacy online is breached and how […]