How to Stay Anonymous online

Many are the times when we hear of people who have lost their privacy online. Either these people will have their credit card details stolen or even their photos and other personal details could be leaked online. There are hacked websites that belong to government and individuals. There are people who have been caught cheating by their spouses due to the fact that their activities leaked online! So, the big question is; is it possible for one to be assured of long-lasting privacy while they are browsing the internet? Are there ways through which people can maintain at least basic privacy? It should be possible for people to maintain their anonymity online. However, there are a number of skills and applications that have to be employed in this quest. We shall discuss a number of ways through which one can maintain their anonymity while they are online. This is our team main goal. These are just some of the ways you can create anonymity while online:

Do You Mind Finding A Safe Country?

Some things would be a tall order for you! However, it is possible for you to maintain your online anonymity if you can stay and access the internet in a safe country! Are there such countries that do not monitor the online activities of their citizens nowadays? Well, there are a few! The majority of the countries these days are monitoring the cyber activities of their citizens. However, not all the countries have the resources to make a very close monitoring of the activities their citizens engage in while they are online. As such, this could be an option for you. You can find a country that has a good and stable internet connection and has no resources to enable them to monitor the activities of their citizens!

Use Tor Enabled Browsers

You can use a Live Operating system and an internet connection but always ensure that you are using an anonymizing browser that will make it possible for you to improve your privacy. Tor can be termed as a full system that has APIs, browsers, and networks. This will help you to remain anonymous as you connect and browse stuff online.

When you enter a network path that is Tor enabled, you will have your traffic routed through a set of random “Tor nodes”. However, it is always advisable that you should use Tor with other methods of anonymity so that you can be assured of a full browser and internet anonymity as you get and do your stuff online. There is hardware that you can also buy and these are based on Tor. A nano box is one such example of Tor enabled hardware that improves on your privacy online.

Use an Anonymizing Operating System

Now, with the fact that not all solutions can offer 100% anonymity, one of the best measures that you can take to remain completely “hidden” as you plunge online is the use of an operating system that makes your online activities anonymous. There are instances where attackers have been able to compromise the websites that you visit so that they can track you and steal the information you enter into the websites.

One of the best ways to help you remain anonymous through your OS is to have it routed through Tor. There is the Tails OS and the Whonix OS. These two works through Tor and this is a good way to make your operating system to remain anonymous. Tails OS can boot from a DVD or a USB stick so that all the information that passes through the OS will always remain on your machine.

A resettable virtual machine could be a good option for your anonymizing OS. The portable media device that you can use for this virtual machine option should always be hardware encrypted. You can also use a secure program that can be encrypted. The IronKey Workspace is one such program that can offer you encryption and this helps to lock out people who use too many wrong passwords.

Use of Proxies and VPNs

This is another good way through which you can ensure outsiders don’t get information about you. A proxy server or a Virtual Private Network will ensure that the information that you are transferring online is not stolen by third parties. The proxy servers and VPNs will help you to disguise your location and in this manner, you will always appear as someone else in a different location.

Proxies may not be easy for everybody to understand. However, there are many of these that one can easily learn about online. As for the Virtual Private Networks, these are readily available in many places.  With the VPNs, you can have your traffic secured. Your traffic between your computer and the servers will be secured. VPNs are also good because they mask your IP address such that your IP address that appears and the location will not be the real one.

If you live in a country where some content is blocked, a VPN network will come in handy to access such content. For instance, there are countries that do not allow the access to content such as Netflix or even Gmail and other websites. By the use of a VPN, you can access this content. There are VPNs that are free to download and others that are sold. With all these, you can always choose what works for you.

Social network anonymity

Most people spend a lot of time online on social apps such as Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Some anonymity is required for security and privacy reasons. You may take the following precautions in order to ensure that your privacy is maintained.

  • Change the settings in order to ensure that limited people have access to your contact info and any content you share online.
  • Avoid being tagged to posts without your permission. Still, at the settings, you may change this to ensure that you authorize any tagging or posting on your timeline.
  • If you want to completely stop your Facebook account, delete it completely because if you deactivate it, your data and info are still there and it is possible to retrieve such data.
  • Another important tip is to ensure that when you log on to social networks, you do so on private mode. This way, no logs on data or browsing history are recorded and used without your knowledge.
  • Ensure that you sign out after your session online. Most people do not sign out. Well, what happens is that cookies used in such sites can easily track your browsing history and this may lead to a breach of privacy.
  • Shopping online; most people use the credit cards to shop online. Use appropriate payment methods such as PayPal or bitcoins. Those are some of the safer options you have. Use of credit cards online exposes you to higher risks of security and privacy breach. Use of credit card takes your right to privacy since your personal data and data relating to credit card details can be traced and the credit card can be used fraudulently.
  • Mobile phones anonymity; It is important to ensure every device that can be used online remains anonymous. There is software available to ensure that this happens. Well, software that works on a desktop may also be customized to be used on the phone. But one must ensure that security of data on their phone and how they communicate and share data is secured.